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English Writing

Fourth Class began the year revising the Recount Genre. We wrote some wonderful recounts about the best day of our summer holidays. 

We wrote some postcards to our families in station teaching. We also wrote some lovely letters and learned all about writing to socialise. 

We are moving on to Report Writing and hope to write some great reports on Native Trees of Ireland, which we have been studying. 


We learned all about Lines and Angles in Maths. First our teacher challenged us to make houses with certain types of lines. We also created some beautiful charts to help us to remember the lines and angles that we have met.

We went on a 'lines and angles trail' to find as many everyday examples as we could. We also did some lines and angles Autumn Trees on Friday!

SESE Topics

Islands of Ireland

We learned all about Island Life and learned the names of some of the islands around the coast of Ireland. We researched some of these islands in pairs and completed Island profiles and projects on them. We learned how to put together a good project and will be working to improve our efforts during the year. 

On Friday we designed our own 'Lifelands' based on our favourite things. 

Rang a Ceathair

School Tour 2019

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